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Mango Shaped Silicone Self Adhesive Bra

Mango Shaped Silicone Self Adhesive Bra

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Discover the ultimate comfort with our Mango Shaped Silicone Self Adhesive Bra. Embrace a casual and comfortable style with its sleek design. This silicone bra offers a seamless look with its plain pattern, while the non-stretch fabric ensures a secure fit. Enrich your wardrobe with this unique self-adhesive bra for a natural and confident feel all day long.


  • Style: Casual-Comfy
  • Type: Self-Adhesive Bra
  • Pattern Type: Plain
  • Material: Silicone
  • Fabric: Non-Stretch
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash, do not dry clean

Size Chart(in):

Size Standard Size
A 32/70A, 34/75A
B 32/70B, 34/75B, 36/80B, 38/85A
C 32/70C, 34/75C, 36/80C, 38/85B
D 32/70D, 34/75D, 36/80C(D), 38/85C(D)
E 32/70E, 34/75E, 36/80D(E), 38/85D(E)